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How to Buy a Wedding Cake

With 2.5 million weddings per year, wedding cakes are in demand in the U.S. There are many decisions to make before a couple settles on a cake that reflects their taste. Cake buying is often just as daunting as the bride's dress purchase and may cost as much. Here are some of the things to consider when shopping for the dream wedding cake.

Wedding Cake Choices

Buy a cake within the wedding's budget. On average, wedding cakes cost nearly $600. Some bakers charge up to $12 per slice. That's a whopping $1,800 for 150 guests. Pricing is often based on various factors, such as the cake's size, design difficulty, or type of frosting. So, choosing a specific design and flavor shouldn't break the bank.

Taste different cake flavors. There's nothing worse than eating a slice of cake that doesn't taste good. Surprisingly, wedding guests won't always like the cake. For instance, fondant is beautiful, but not everyone likes how it tastes. It's a good thing many bakeries offer cake tastings to give couples an idea of wedding cake options.

Make sure that the cake is fresh. Some bakeries bake and freeze cakes, thawing the cake when someone submits an order. Confirming the date that cake was baked will help to avoid a stale cake delivery.

Finally, pick a design that reflects the wedding's style. After all, the wedding day expresses the couple's love, sharing beautiful moments with friends and family. It's a sweet beginning to the newlywed couple's life together. 

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